cropking is your complete source for hydroponic, mushroom and aquaculture controlled environment agricultural systems and training for the commercial grower, educator and hobbyist.

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Year Established 1982

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Two Day Grower Workshop
Workshop Training...participants a more clear understanding of controlled environment vegetable production systems. The workshop includes classroom presentations ...and understanding of controlled environment agriculture, we can greatly assist you ...our workshop. Several types of soilless
Workshop Schedule
...location, different types of growing systems are in their greenhouse and ...of the greenhouse grower's actual system as listed in the below 4:30 PM Orientation to Soilless Greenhouses and
Training/ Support
...Read more The Greenhouse: Growing Environment or Battleground? By: James W. Brown the external and internal environments of the greenhouse. These changes ...Read more Organic Fertilizers in a Soilless Growing System By:

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